What Happens to Community, When Community Newspapers Disappear

By Susan C. IngramOctober 5, 2020Save Journalism ProjectMedium.com After leaving my full-time reporting job at a Baltimore-area weekly in July 2019 to help my mom after a cancer diagnosis, I figured I could get by working as her aide and freelancing. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit, locking me out of caring for her and cutting... Continue Reading →

Mallory and Milicent and Discovering ‘The Lady From The Black Lagoon’

By Susan C. Ingram Entropy Magazine March 31, 2020 ‘Like being struck by lightning’ Sometimes in life we have epiphanies or pivotal moments that, looking back, we realize changed the course of our lives. The new course may steer us down a challenging, thorny path, but one we see in retrospect was the one best... Continue Reading →

WHITHER THE WOMEN’S FILM EMPIRE? Watching Scorsese’s “Irishman” Made Me Yearn for Women-Centric Epics

On the set of “Return to Lonesome Dove," photo courtesy Susan C. Ingram By Susan C. Ingram Published in Bluntly Magazine | Feb 15, 2020 Somewhere in the middle or even in the first third of “The Irishman” I started to feel uncomfortable. And not because of the language or the violence or the weirdness of... Continue Reading →

FAMILY HISTORY: Black Historian Helps Others Unravel Their Lineage

By Susan C. Ingram Baltimore Style Magazine/December 2019 Over coffee and a croissant at an Owings Mills café one recent morning, Baltimore County historian and author Louis Diggs says his current book project will be his last. That’s hard to believe, coming from a man who has spent the last 30 years researching and documenting... Continue Reading →

Dressing History: JMM exhibits trace Jewish experience through fashion

By Susan C. Ingram Baltimore Jewish Times April 5, 2019 What does a contemporary hand-crocheted ivory kippah embellished with pearls and gold thread have in common with a hand-painted dress design by a Czech designer in 1939 Prague? And what connection could there be between a decades-old black-and-white tallit gadol and a black-leather motorcycle jacket emblazoned with... Continue Reading →

‘The Coaster’ with Ravel soundtrack

Author and pianist Kris Faatz features story readings paired with piano performances Special thanks to author/musician, friend and colleague Kris Faatz for featuring my flash fiction piece, "The Coaster," paired with two Ravel pieces as part of her Storytelling and Sound seies on her Zen for Ten video/performance blog in December of 2017. https://krisfaatz.com/2017/12/29/zen-for-ten-34-the-coaster/  

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