Every film set tragedy is a gut punch

By Susan C. Ingram When I first saw the headline that a “Law and Order: Organized Crime” crew member was shot and killed recently in Brooklyn, while just sitting in a car doing his security job, I thought about how often film crews are put in dangerous situations—and not only the kind that make headline... Continue Reading →

159 years later, how’s that Union looking?

Story and photos by Susan C. Ingram This weekend is, of course, the July 4th holiday, celebrating America’s independence from Great Britain. But it is also the 159th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863), a pivotal battle in the U.S. Civil War, which proved to be the so-called “high-water mark” of the... Continue Reading →

What still burns about Centralia, Pennsylvania, is a sense of place…lost forever

By Susan C. Ingram Tomorrow, May 27, 2022, is the 60th anniversary of the ignition of the Centralia, Pennsylvania, mine fire, which still burns today beneath what is left of the town (almost nothing) that once supported close to 3,000 people. That was in the late 1800s, at the height of the demand for Pennsylvania’s high-grade... Continue Reading →

WHITHER THE WOMEN’S FILM EMPIRE? Watching Scorsese’s “Irishman” Made Me Yearn for Women-Centric Epics

By Susan C. Ingram Originally published in Bluntly Magazine | Feb 15, 2020 Somewhere in the middle or even in the first third of “The Irishman” I started to feel uncomfortable. And not because of the language or the violence or the weirdness of everyone’s digital facelifts. Not even because of Robert DeNiro’s fake blue eyes... Continue Reading →

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