I’m a writer working on my third, or is it fourth, career? Count ’em: film industry camera assistant (20 years), newspaper reporter and editor (13 years), writing teacher (6 months), library circ. assistant/councilman’s communications liaison/freelance copy-editor (three at once for 18 months), editorial manager for a wine magazine, freelance reporter and recently back to full-time weekly newspaper journalism (since July 2017). I’m rebooting the blog and will be, as before, posting musings on life, writing, politics and the news industry, as well as cheap, creative, quick recipes.

Since starting the blog “Newzcook: smart talk/cheap meals” Dec. 11, 2008, (formerly the Writers’ New Depression Cookbook) as an outlet for my cooking ideas on a journalist’s shoestring budget and writing on topics I’m curious/passionate about, I completed a Master of Arts in Writing at Johns Hopkins University.

I have written four novels. The latest, “The Troubled Times,” (the life/adventures of journalist Ava Burns) is out to agents, publishers and novel contests. I am currently working on my first memoir “Film/Addict,” a set of interweaving tales from my 20-year film industry career. Please take a look at the Fiction/Memoir page for excerpts of my novels, short stories and links to published work.

In addition, I’m building pages about my Journalism and Film careers, as well as my new avocation, Audio. Take a look. I will be adding new items as I build out the site.

Stick with me, I’m just getting up to speed. Again. Thanks.

Susan C. Ingram

Journalism Awards:


  • All photos used on the site are by Susan C. Ingram, except where noted
  • Painting on Fiction/Memoir page by C. Taylor
  • Clip art from MS Word

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  1. Wait a minute, I screwed up my e-mail address and forgot to tell Suz I hope she makes a million dollars. Love Lulu and Ruby (now 3)


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