My dad at the WCAO studio in the 1940s

My dad was a radio engineer at WCAO Baltimore for close to 40 years. When he first started in radio he occasionally sang and read poetry on-air. My mother was an English major when she returned to college in her late 30s. They were both huge influences, of course, in my life and my brother’s. We both went into media — he has six technical Emmy awards for his years in sports broadcasting as a video engineer. I spent my first career in film, my second in journalism and publishing. Somewhere in that time my father’s love of radio and my mother’s love of literature morphed into a new avocation for me — recording audio of my, and other writers,’ work.

When Kae Sable, editor of the online and print lit mag Dime Show Review  recently asked authors to record audio of their work for an upcoming journal, I recorded the pieces she had published of mine and offered to record for others. I had always wanted to try voice-over narration, eyeing VO classes at my local community college for years (finally signing up for one this summer). Kae gave me the opportunity to see if I could do it, and if I enjoyed it. I could and I did. And I received so much positive feedback from authors, well, maybe this new love will morph into yet another media career. Who knows.

Below is a link to the audio of my story and poem published on Dime Show Review, as well as all of the stories and poems I recorded for others. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed reading and recording them.


Susan C. Ingram Audio Page on Dime Show Review


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