Happy Holidays from Newzcook!

It's Christmas Eve and I'm gearing up to finish my New Year's cards and bake some cookies to take to my mom's for Christmas Day tomorrow. But as a Happy Holidays to everyone, I thought I'd share some easy, fun holiday recipes from past posts, including Christmas Bison Chili, Irish Whiskey Cake, Easy New Year's Eve... Continue Reading →


Who feels like cooking when you’re sick and tired?

I've been sick since Thanksgiving. The usual winter head and chest cold that it seems everyone is suffering with right now. Lousy time for it, with the holidays bearing down. There are gifts to buy, cards to address, meals to plan. Who has the energy? I don't. Not after working all week. Just trying to sit... Continue Reading →

No. 15 Pumpkin Eater

I carve pumpkins every year for Halloween, but the last time I actually cooked something with fresh pumpkin was a watery, not very tasty pumpkin pie about 20 years ago. So, I wasn't inspired to try again.  Since Halloween this year, I've been eyeing the small uncarved pumpkin sitting on my dining room table and... Continue Reading →

No. 6 Eezzy Yummy

Post Xmas I said in the last post that I was going to try upgrading the stand-by slice-n-bake cookies and if I was successful I'd report my findings. My Aldi slice-n-bake Holiday Cookies with the built-in candy canes were delicious and a bargain at $1.99. But when I decided to bake a second batch for... Continue Reading →

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