SHADE SURFING: How I Realized I Should be Writing the Way I’m Running

Today I went for a run for the first time in weeks. I have been busy (I know, no excuse) with a new caregiving responsibility for my mom, who is navigating a recent cancer diagnosis. I am also navigating my own life-changing moment of having left my full-time journalism job (no I’m not comparing her... Continue Reading →

Brushes with History: Baltimore Artists Recapture Bygone Synagogue Glory

BY SUSAN C. INGRAM Photos by David Stuck Baltimore Jewish Times JULY 17, 2019 (This is my final cover story for the Jewish Times) Drive around old Jewish Baltimore on any recent sunny summer morning and you might encounter a gaggle of artists, easels deployed, busy capturing the grace and majesty of the city’s historic... Continue Reading →

Dressing History: JMM exhibits trace Jewish experience through fashion

By Susan C. Ingram Baltimore Jewish Times April 5, 2019 What does a contemporary hand-crocheted ivory kippah embellished with pearls and gold thread have in common with a hand-painted dress design by a Czech designer in 1939 Prague? And what connection could there be between a decades-old black-and-white tallit gadol and a black-leather motorcycle jacket emblazoned with... Continue Reading →

Let down, or left out? Try these post-election leftovers

Cheer up! Campaign promises already breaking Feeling let down or left out after the election? While putting together some delicious Cauliflower Parmesan Spinach Crepes from this week’s leftovers, I found I am feeling better about things this morning. Within 48 hours of the election, the president elect is already backing off on a number of... Continue Reading →

Thinking, Cooking, Writing and Fear

If you’ve ever wondered why my blog and Twitter handle is Newzcook, it’s because I started this blog when I was an underpaid/overworked community newspaper reporter who loved journalism and cooking on the cheap. The original full blog title was Newzcook: sharp talk/cheap meals. I think a lot when I cook, and often find metaphors... Continue Reading →

A Change in the Eire?

Under a brilliant winter morning sky, more than 80 people gathered on the corner of Andre and Clement streets in Locust Point this morning to witness, and for some to bid on, what many thought would be the final demise of  J. Patrick’s Pub, a big part of the heart of Baltimore’s Traditional Irish music scene. But,... Continue Reading →

No. 12 Made Glorious Summer

  A bright day in the winter of our discontent It seems like weeks since I sat in our tiny newsroom, three small black-and-white televisions beaming static-filled pictures and fuzzy sound of the inauguration of Barack Obama. Yet it's only been five days. January 20 was a bright shining day amid a winter that seems... Continue Reading →

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