20160526_184110My first career, from 1982 through the early 2000s was as an International Cinematographer’s Guild Local 659/600 camera assistant.

I was lucky enough after graduating with a degree in film from UMBC to get into a training program that the Los Angeles camera union used to run. After 10 months of on-set training at all of the major studios, including Universal, 20th Century Fox, Paramount and Burbank Studios (then home of Warner Bros., Columbia, etc.) I emerged with a union card. My first major film camera-assisting job in the union was “Scarface.” My last was six years on “Homicide Life on the Street.”

Below is a link to some of my career credits on IMDB. I will be adding photos and blurbs about the films I worked on and films I’m watching now. And if I can figure it out, maybe clips from my own (ancient) films. Stay tuned.

Susan C. Ingram (Camera Department) credits on IMDb


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