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I began working as a journalist again in April 2017, after a five-year hiatus, when then Baltimore Jewish Times editor Marc Shapiro asked if I’d be interested in freelancing for the weekly news magazine. I jumped at the chance. I missed being a reporter from 2012-2017 and appreciated Marc’s thinking of me when he had some freelance budget to burn. In July of 2017, I began working full-time at the Jewish Times and in two years won 12 regional and national awards for my writing there. I left the Jewish Times in July of 2019, and am looking forward to seeing where my writing career takes me next…


20160522_151842The photo at left is of the last two issues of the Community Times that I worked on, after 13 years with the suburban Baltimore weekly — 11.5 years as a reporter and 1.5 years as editor — from 1999 to 2012. They are signed by all the guys in the pressroom who made the paper happen.

When I started at the paper following my 20-year film career, there was a staff of about 10. When I quit in 2012, after years of staff reductions, contraction of our service and delivery areas, and moving from an elegant broadsheet to a tab, there was a staff of one. Me. And the paper, so diminished, was no longer the newspaper that it once was.

Published by the daily Carroll County Times, the Community Times was eventually absorbed by The Sun Media group (owners of the The Baltimore Sun) when CCT was bought by the media conglomerate and was, a few years later, shut down. Somewhere during these permutations, the Community Times electronic archives seem to have disappeared from the internet and are not available through The Sun website. So, almost none of my (approximately) 1,900 or so stories have survived.

I’m hoping to dig up a few of the more memorable to post here:

Enjoy reading.

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